A few thoughts about Adventure Documentaries

I suppose you might say “well yes, I’m interested, and I wouldn’t mind the adventure, but what are the benefits? is there a market for the documentaries we make?”


With respect to the question of marketability, one doesn’t need to be Einstein to work out that with the advent of networks such as National Geographic, ABC/CAP Cities, Discovery Channel, there is an insatiable demand for documentaries. Most of the above stations feature 24 hour-a-day wildlife, adventure and/or national history films, there is a constant ongoing demand for new material.

Just think of the huge amount of films these channels gobble up each and every day, seven days per week. Keeping in mind that cable pay TV is still a growing industry, and we haven’t even begun to touch on the needs of regular TV or the ever-growing demands for video release.

A thought about “armchair warriors” and Television

I think it’s a sad fact, but people the world over are becoming more and more insular, safe and secure in their “comfort-zone” in front of a TV. Very few people these days seem to have the drive, energy or inclination to get out and actually experience an adventure in the wild.The cause may well be the day-to-day pressure of modern life, or quite possibly

the very television medium which this project is proposing to provide.

And, paradoxically, although some people still dream about adventure or maybe participating in an expedition, very few will go beyond the dreaming stage and actually join in the challenge of researching, planning and participating.

For the majority of people televisions “Survivor” is about as daring as it gets. For others it it might be even tamer, like an ocean cruise or possibly a dive trip and usually, only as long as there is someone there to hold their hand each step of the way.

But for the vast majority of today’s population its television that provides the adventure and excitement.

So let’s provide the adventure for them!

The success of cable TV like Discovery Channel demonstrates that people do have an interest in adventure documentaries. So let’s give the ever increasing army of “armchair explorers” what they want.

Making Documentaries

Making documentary films in remote areas won’t always be fun, and, yes, there will be times of privation and moments of anxiety and even danger. There’ll also be times of boredom, but that’s life.

For those who take part in serious adventure expeditions, whether financially successful or not there will always be a feeling of achievement,great moments of excitement and enjoyment.

A period of your life you will never forget and moments in time that the “armchair explorers” will never experience.
Join us and experience real life, the sun, the wind, the smell, the touch, the friendship of the South Pacific island people. Visit uninhabited tropical islands; dive in unknown waters and on far-flung shipwrecks. Explore WW2 relics in remote living jungles. We will encounter it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s what life’s about.