Submarine Ro 100

In Search of The Japanese Submarine RO 100

This series will capture on film a fully-fledged expedition which will depart from Cairns, Australia following a route steeped in history, particularly very brutal aspects of WW2 including rare and historic shipwrecks.

We will follow the Great Barrier Reef on to remote areas of New Guinea, areas which will be instantly recognizable to millions of US and Australian war veterans. Milne Bay, Samarai, Buin, Bougainville and Guadalcanal. The expedition will culminate in the search for the RO 100.

The above is but a small sample of the many ideas I have put together”. Unfortunately the accumulation of wealth is very difficult in Australia so, regardless of my desire to be involved in producing any of the above documentaries, finance is always a problem. Otherwise, these projects would be long under way.