Firstly, introductions are in order: my name is Fritz Herscheid. Briefly, I am now retired, well sort off; I’m still working as a broker for the people who bought my business only now I don’t have all the expenses. I live in the Cairns, North Queensland with my wife who pretends to understand my adventurous ways (God bless her). I am fit, and a very keen shipwreck hunter and diver.

I am a licensed Business Brokers and Real Estate Agent, an Australia Commonwealth Certified Commercial Diver and also a PADI Dive Master, qualified Ships Master, qualified diesel mechanic and serve the community as a Justices of the Peace (qual)

I spent many years in some of the remotest parts of the South Pacific; including New Guinea, Solomon’s, Philippines, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji and Tuvalu. I have accumulated an immense storehouse of knowledge; this includes not only local and geographical issues, but especially all things relating to WW2 in the Pacific, interesting historical sites, shipwrecks and tragedies of war.

It is this knowledge that I wish to translate to film and the titles listed under the heading of Documentaries, will give the reader some idea of the exciting material which I believe, will also excite a vast spectrum of the viewing public.

Of particular interest to me is the AE1, which remains Australia’s greatest maritime mystery. The AE1 was lost just off Rabaul at the start of WW1 in 1914 New Guinea, under the most mysteries circumstances, close to shore and a hundred years of searching has failed to find any sign of the submarine. I have spent over half a lifetime researching the incident and am positive that with the right equipment will find the submarine. Join me and get your name in the history books.

I have the enthusiasm, business knowledge and professionalism to carry any of the above projects and would greatly welcome a financial partner. This partner may be involved in any capacity he or she liked, co-producer, director, photographer or just financier and/or adventurer. The choice is truly yours. If the idea of cruising the remote South Pacific, exploring the jungle, diving on virgin shipwrecks (well not so virgin I did rape a few) and making adventure documentaries excites and appeals to you, I would be most happy to hear from you.